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Fleischmann's Yeast cookbook

Al Sherman <als@hpwalk.an.hp.com>
Sun, 9 Apr 95 13:18:13 EDT
I haven't seen any discussion of the Fleishmann's Yeast "Bread Machine
Favorites" cookbook in the digest.  My wife ordered it after seeing an ad 
in the paper.  It is excellent.  It is a 76 page booklet which contains 
beautiful photos, a large section of bread baking information and hints, a
troubleshooting guide, and more than 60 great recipies.  OK, I don't know
that all are great, but the few we tried were among the best breads we 
have made.  To make it even more attractive, the cookbook is a bargain!

To get a copy, send a check for $2.95 to:

    Bread Machine Favorites
    PO Box 5953    Dept A
    Stacy, MN 55078-5953

Fleishmann's Yeast also has a "Baker's Helpline" at 1-800-777-4959.  This
is available weekdays between 10 am and 8 pm Eastern time for advice on
both bread machine and traditional yeast baking.