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bread machine blues

cbacke@lsumc.edu (Cheryl Backes)
Fri, 7 Apr 95 10:51:37 -0500
 I have recently purchased a Breadman Plus (3 months ago).  I make (or
attempt to make ) bread everyday.  I can empathize with the person who
reported having many flops with their machine.  Even the recipes that come
with the Breadman Plus do not work in this machine. I have to stand right by
the machine during the mixing/kneading in order to adjust the ingredients.
Even then, the loaves rise, then fall during baking.  I have contacted the
manufacturer on a couple of occasions.  They seem to think that I do not
have the moisture content correct.  I have on occasion made the dough so dry
that the loaf does not rise at all.  I do live in Louisiana where the
humidity is high usually (90% on average); could this affect it?  I have
varied the types of flour (King Arthur, Gold Medal, Pillsbury) and the
types/amounts of yeast, and adding lemon juice, and adding gluten......... I
am very frustated.  I would never even dream of letting my machine make a
loaf by itself (overnight).  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The person
at the manufacturer said that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to make
bread in these machines -- why am I having all of these problems? One last
question, does anyone know what the difference is with Red Star INstant
Active yeast?  I bought a pound at the local warehouse and it says to use
within 7 days of opening.  Can I freeze it?  Thanks in advance for any
helpful tips.  Cheryl