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Rye Bread Recipe

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
01 Mar 95 06:32:44 -0800
 Responding to: CrissyMA@aol.com

 CM> I've been on FoodWine for about a year and on and off EAT-L and have
 CM> requested rye bread recipes for bread machines with no responses. 
 CM> Sounds like this might be the place to ask.  I too just found this
 CM> list. 
 CM> Bought a rye bread mix in the grocery store which my husband liked (I
 CM> thought it was, at best, mediocre).  Also, it was $3.00+.

 CM> Can anybody help me?

 Of course. This is an incredible rye bread. It is light, has a great, open
texture, good, sweet, rye flavor and rises beautifully.

 New York Rye Bread (ABM)    No. 3252                   Yields 1 Loaf      

 1 1/2 tsp       Dry Yeast                  3 tsp       Caraway Seed          
     2 Cups      Bread Flour              1/2 tsp       Salt                  
     1 Cup       Rye Flour                7/8 Cup       Water, Warm           
     2 Tbls      Sugar                                                        
     1 Tbls      Butter, Melted                                               

Add the ingredients to the pan in the order listed.
Select "White Bread".
Select "Medium" color.
Press "Start".
--- Mike Coticchio


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