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Stuck blade

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
08 Feb 95 09:06:53 -0800
 BR> I have another question for anyone with a Zo. The pamphlet that came
 BR> with it from King Arthur Flour (I mail-ordered the machine since I
 BR> can't buy a Zo in Canada) said the most common complaint about the Zo
 BR> is the kneading blade being stuck in the pan after you bake your
 BR> bread. They suggest oiling the shaft before placing the blade on it. To
 BR> unstick the blade you need to soak the pan with warm water in it for
 BR> 30 minutes.  Well, oiling the inside of the blade hole and oiling the
 BR> shaft has not helped me. EVERY loaf (about 12 different recipes so
 BR> far) has had the blade stuck in the bread pan, resulting in a torn loaf
 BR> bottom (not too bad).  The only thing the oiling seems to help is
 BR> freeing the stuck blade from the shaft after brief soaking in warm
 BR> water. The story I read about the blade remaining in a baked loaf
 BR> seems impossible for my machine. Is my experience with the *always*
 BR> stuck blade shared by others? Any ideas for remedying it? I follow the
 BR> manufacturers guidance of always putting in the yeast last. But I
 BR> tried yeast first, water last, and it made no difference for the blade
 BR> sticking.

The blades from my Zoji alwayts come out in the loaf. The Zoji is different
from most bread makers, the way the blades fit onto the hub, they can be
locked to the hub. There is an index pin which makes sure the blades are
aligned properly and it can get twisted into a position where it doesn't
allow the blade to come off easily. I'd check that the index pin and groove
are both clean and straight. I'd also talk to King Arthurs' customer service
people (they are good and knowledgeable about the Zoji and respond faster than
Zpji customer service) about the problem. They recently helped someone else
whose blade simply would NOT come out - at all.


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