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toma@romulus.cray.com (Thomas Arneberg {x66642 CF/DEV})
Tue, 7 Feb 95 15:56:04 CST
> Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 09:24:05 +0500
> From: byates@Newbridge.COM (Barbara Yates)
> Subject: Timer & Dough Cycle, Stuck Blade
> Message-ID: <9501311424.AA00640@zonker.newbridge>
> Ed Berlin asked:
> "Is there any machine that permits programming a dough-cycle on
> time-delay?"
> I got a Zojirushi (the big one with the Home Made Menu feature) for
> Christmas and the instruction book says you cannot program Dough and
> use the timer. I was wondering if anyone has accomplished that feat
> using the Home Made Menu?

I'd be interested to know the same thing.  But I use a workaround -- I
simply select the normal bread setting, and time it so that the dough is
done when I want it.

For example, if I want dough to be finished kneading and rising when I
get home at 5:00 p.m., I can add the ingredients in the morning, select
regular bread, and set the time of completion for 7:30 or so.  Thus the
machine will knead from 3:30-4:00, and the dough will rise from 4-5:00.
I can then take it out and reset the machine when I get home (before it
starts baking).

> most common complaint about the Zo
> is the kneading blade being stuck in the pan after you bake your bread.
> They suggest oiling the shaft before placing the blade on it. To

I haven't had much luck getting the blade out on my Zoji, either.  Out
of my 388 loaves, I've probably taken the blade out a couple dozen
times.  Sometimes I'll try slipping a string underneath it and pulling
up, but it's still hard.

I'm not convinced there's a downside of not removing the kneading blade
each time, though...can anyone elaborate on why this is crucial?

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