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Re: Where's the gluten?

byates@Newbridge.COM (Barbara Yates)
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 09:32:23 +0500
I bought gluten from a bulk bin in the local health food store. It was
labelled "gluten flour".

I tried it in one recipe so far that someone posted to the fat free
mailing list. It was a whole wheat cinnamon raisin loaf and it called
for 3 tablespoons of gluten. Although this seemed like a huge amount of
gluten, I used that amount and it came out great. I was worried that
the bread would be too dry or that I'd never get my stuck blade out of
the bread pan (see another posting re: this problem), so I added 1
tablespoon of vegetable oil to the recipe, which called for no fat at

Good luck finding gluten. If you really strike out you should just mail
order it from one of the baking mail order companies, such as King
Arthur Flour. Get their toll-free number from the operator. Their
catalog is great fun to read.