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Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
31 Jan 95 06:50:48 -0800
 Responding to: Michael Anderson <manderso@ns.ccsn.edu>

 MA> I have looked all over and cannot find gluten. When i ask people
 MA> always  say "what the hell is gluten?" or "do you mean Elmer's Gluten?"

 MA> What kind of places carry it and in what form does it come?

 By and large you should be able to find "Vital Wheat Gluten" anyplace which
sells bread flour. I find it at $upermarkets, Bakery Discount Outlets and
Health Food Stores (the last being the most expensive).

 It typically is sold in one and two pound bags.


... On second thought, maybe I should have read the instructions first...