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repairing DAK machines

Mon, 16 Jan 95 15:17:02 EST
> My DAK died and I am not having any luck getting it fixed.  Has
> anyone else been through this?  The motor is fine, but the computer
> just quit.  I've tried some appliance repair shops but no one was
> willing to work on it.  Of course all my paperwork says to send it
> to DAK, and they're gone...

I have just the opposite problem:  my motor is bad, but the computer
is fine (as far as I know).  Sounds like our DAKs maybe should get
together :-).  My solution was to buy a new Panasonic.  I personally
question whether it's worth any dollars to repair DAKs (but if you
want my old DAK, let me know...)

* Jane Marcus          *
* jane@apollo.hp.com   *