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Hardening a chewy crust/softening a rock-hard crust

obrien@netcom.com (No parking EXCEPT FOR BOB)
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 11:26:43 -0800 (PST)
> Apparently it can do everything, even make jam.  I think it was in the
> $200-250 range.  The only problem is the crust.  She says it is not like
> regular baker's bread.  It is chewy.  Sometimes she even takes it off.
> Is this because of something she is doing or is probably the breadmaker's
> fault?

I've found, with my sourdough experiments, that I often want to take
the bread out of the machine before it even finishes the cooling cycle,
and set it out, fully exposed, on my countertop for a couple of hours.

Other times, it's rock-hard, and I _seal_ it in a big rubbermaid container
for a while to partly equalize the moisture content...

I'm reminded of a story told about the early days of NASA rocketry - 
after a string of seven or so faultless launches where everything went
"according to plan" it is said that Wherner Von Braun got irate, and
shouted at people for being too conservative.  His opinion was that
without an occasional failure, one is not *learning* as much as one could.

	Bob O`Bob