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Re: Chewey Chrust...

aa122@detroit.freenet.org (John F Davis)
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 07:21:31 -0500
> My daughter has recently received an Hitachi Breadmaster breadmaker.
>Apparently it can do everything, even make jam.  I think it was in the
>$200-250 range.  The only problem is the crust.  She says it is not like
>regular baker's bread.  It is chewy.  Sometimes she even takes it off.
>Is this because of something she is doing or is probably the breadmaker's
Probably the breadmaker's fault as Mine does the same thing.  By accident 
I found one thing that might help however.    Sugar.  Recently I had to
make a "Quick Loaf" (Short on time) and as a result I used the "Quick" 
cycle and increased yeast 50%.  I also increased sugar 50% as I use (or used
to use) a ratio of 3 sugar to one yeast.  Churst was much nicer.  Not nearly
as chewey or tough as what I had been getting.    SO the next time I made
a loaf I again used 50% more sugar (however as I was using the regullar cycle
and not in a  hurry I used the usuall amount of yeast.  Again the chrust was
better.  (P.S. The day I was in a hurry I had to use "gloves" to slice the
bread to make my sandwich so I could get to work on time.  It was that tight
Made it however)

So. Try a bit more sugar.  I'm thinking about a bit more still but as I'm 
diabetic I have to be careful about adding too much to the loaf or it will
start to show up in me instead of all being eaten by the yeast.

   John F Davis In Delightful Detroit, Mi.    aa122@detroit.freenet.org