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trillium fruit/nut

Wed, 4 Jan 95 10:51 MST
Susan said:

I have a Trillium Breadman and it has a "fruit and nut" cycle.  This cycle
has an additional first rise of 65 minutes.  The scanty instructions say to
use it for "breads such as banana and apple walnut."

I have been successful with a heavily banana/walnut bread (1 1/3 cup banana
and 3/4 cup walnuts) using the standard cycle.    From a baker's
standpoint, what would this initial rise accomplish?   I am interested in
answers such as "it lets the banana soak into the flour" or "you want a
fine crumb for a fruit bread, so you want an extra rise" or "fruit inhibits
yeast, so you need the extra rise time."

I have a Trillium, too and I like to use the fruit/nut cycle to bake 100%
whole wheat fat-free bread.  The longer slower rising not only improves the
flavor of the bread, but it also imporves the tenderness.  I do sometimes
use the ordinary bread cycle to bake whole wheat, but only when I need the
bread fast.