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helen@mbbs.com (Helen Fleischer)
Tue, 6 Dec 94 16:35:00 -0820
"Dr. John D. Chovan" <jchovan@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu> 

Br> I seem to be under the impression that DAMARK sells slightly used
Br> equipment,
Br> that had been returned under warranty and then repaired.  Does anyone
Br> know
Br> anything about this company and the quality of the products they sell? 
Br> This
Br> might be the reason for the difference in prices between DAMARK and QVC.
Br> Any ideas?

Yes. Damark does sell reconditioned stuff, but that is always clearly
marked as such. Most of the stuff in the catalog these days is new
merchandise, not rebuilt returns. Actually, I got lucky with my old
Welbuilt bread machine. It was a reconditioned return and therefore an
earlier model. The newer 'improved' models seem to be a lot less
reliable than my old one. I have never bought anything from QVC, but my
impression from occasional pauses in channel surfing is that their
prices tend to be on a par with department stores and generally quite a
bit higher than our local discount stores. Damark tends to be in the
same price range or slightly lower than the local discount stores.

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