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Welbilt Dough Machine Follow-Up

"Dr. John D. Chovan" <jchovan@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu>
Wed, 30 Nov 94 15:35:47 EST
Thank you to Lynda Mackey, Karen Black, John Alegre, and Louise Marks
for their replies to my quest for the Welbilt Dough Machine.  Here's
what I found out:

The Welbilt Dough Machine is available from the DAMARK catalog and from QVC. 
DAMARK is charging $89.00 plus shipping.  QVC said they are sold out but are
trying to get more in stock.  QVC is charging $165.00 plus $8.72 shipping.  I
don't know if these are the same machines, but I would hope they are
different since the prices are so different.

I did find another dough machine for $495.00, but my mind blanked out the
name when I heard the price!  I'd just as soon buy another Zo than spend that
amount of money on a dough maker (albeit a biggun!).

DAMARK can be reached at 1-800-729-9000.  QVC at 1-800-345-1515.

I seem to be under the impression that DAMARK sells slightly used equipment,
that had been returned under warranty and then repaired.  Does anyone know
anything about this company and the quality of the products they sell?  This
might be the reason for the difference in prices between DAMARK and QVC.  Any

John D. Chovan, Ph.D.