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Is there a FAQ? (I'm thinking of buying a bread machine!)

joe@consolve.com (Joe Shapiro)
Thu, 6 Oct 94 17:38:24 EDT
Hi, Folks
    I've been a bread baker for quite a while but recently I've found that
I haven't had enough time to make bread by hand very frequently.  So I'm
thinking of joining the ranks of bread-machine owners!  However, I'd like
to get a machine that I can fiddle with as opposed to one where everything
is pre-determined.

    I looked into this a bit about a year ago and decided that the Zojirushi
was the most programmable bread-maker, though it was still stone-age in this
respect.  So has anything better come out since then?  Is the Zoji worth the
extra $ (~350 vs. ~150 for some)?  Is there a FAQ where I can find this out
without bothering all you nice people?  ;-)
			Thanks for any info you can give me!
Insert net.disclaimer here.     Joe Shapiro   joe@ConSolve.COM   (617) 674-2199