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Re: BREAD Digest V5 #34 - Haygood Comments

Thu, 08 Sep 94 08:21:15 CST
I thoroughly resent the following comments by Josh Haygood in the last Bread 
Digest.  I have been a "real" bread baker (as Haygood would call it) and am now
a machine bread baker by choice and out of necessity.  Mainly because I like 
the taste and variety of homemade bread and enjoy making it for my family.  
With full-time job, family, and school there is no time for "real" bread 
baking.  To me, machine bread baking is real.  It's healthy, tasty, inexpensiv 
and fun!  I suggest if Josh wants to make friends on this newsletter he should 
more carefully word his postings.  By they way Josh, NO I  wouldn't want any of
your recipes nor would I share any of mine with you!  Clean up your act before 
you post again please. 

> I have been a bread baker for a long time and have never used 
>machine; other than my oven, of course. I wonder if those of you weaned 
>off of real baking with the bread machines would appreciate some real 
>bread recipes which are made the traditional way-two hands, ingredients, 
>oven. Simple. I would alo like to hear from any of you with a similar 
>affinity for actual home-baked bread. Please send recipes.