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Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
08 Sep 94 10:20:17 -0800
 BR> Hi, 

 BR> Has anyone tried storing bread in the ZipLok plastic bags that are
 BR> designed to keep vegetable fresh?  These bags are supposed to have
 BR> little holes in them to allow air to circulate, and the thought
 BR> occurred to me that they might be good for bread; in that the crust
 BR> wont go soft as it does in regular zippered plastic bags.

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Yes. They work as you suspect. However, the bread does not keep as long as
with the conventional ziplock bags. The vegetable bags only provide
mechanical protection, the air can still circulate through them, it just does
so at a much reduced rate.

 BR> ------------------------------

 BR> Hi...I have been looking around for a good multi-grain bread recipe
 BR> for the breadmaker...I have the Zojirushi with jam option (very good,
 BR> too).  Something with sunflower seeds in it.  Has anyone out there
 BR> found one that works in the machine?  Also, I am a bit confused on the
 BR> gluten thing...there is gluten flour and vital gluten...right?  The
 BR> vital is what you want to add in small quantitiesto assist in the
 BR> rising...what do you use gluten flour for?  And...just a side note...I
 BR> made anadama bread the other day with blue corn meal (very popular here
 BR> in the Southwest) and it was one of the best breads I have made yet...
 BR> wonderful texture and flavor, if you like molasses...this recipe used
 BR> 5 TB of molasses.  

All flour has gluten. Gluten is what retains the Carbon Dioxide produced by
the yeast (or lacto bacilli) to make the bread rise and causes the open
texture of the bread. Bread flour has more gluten than all purpose flour.
You must add gluten (1 Tbls per Cup) if you use all purpose instead of
bread flour. This is especially important if you are making a multi-grain
loaf or a loaf using rye flour, oatmeal or the like.

Interestingly, I made an Anadama myself two days ago. I used yellow cornmeal
instead of blue. Isn't the smell of a molasses rich bread baking a wonderful


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