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Zoji Bread

fmc@netcom.com (FMC)
Mon, 29 Aug 1994 18:27:16 -0700 (PDT)
> Date: Wed, 24 Aug 1994 14:40:48 -0400
> From: Sun Park <boxenju@eecs.umich.edu>
> Subject: Help! Zojiroshi Breadmaker.
> Message-ID: <199408241840.OAA23337@krusty.eecs.umich.edu>
>  Hi,
>  If you own a Zojiroshi breadmaker or had a chance to 
>  taste one from it, please help me out.
>  I'm having my zojiroshi for about three months now, but
>  have no luck to bake the bread up to my expectation.
>  It almost always turned out too crusty, too coarse...
>  I have friends who own the National/Panasonic ones,
>  and tasted the breads from theirs several times. They always
>  have soft texture and tasteful brown crusty (not as hard as mine)
>  outside.
>  My question is:
>  (1) Is it typical for Zojiroshi to have that hard crusty outside?
>      (It's similar to the hard roll or french bread. Please don't
>      tell me I need more butter. I tried several different measures
>      for sugar, salt, yeast, butter and water.)
>  (2) My breadmaker is not the one with the jam option, so I believe
>      I have the basic one without not much functions. Is there anyone
>      who has this model experiencing similar problems? I once changed
>      my breadmaker to the current one because I thought it was
>      malfunctioning (suspecting overcooking), but turns out that the new
>      one also bakes the bread coarse, and hard.
>      If you have the top model from Zojiroshi, please let me know
>      how your breadmaker works. In my area, I couldn't find the top
>      model with jam option, so I'd like to know how it bakes the bread.
>  (3) Did you taste/feel the difference between the breads from National
>      and those from Zojiroshi?
>  Any comments/experience/opinions would be highly appreciated.
>  Thanks a lot.
>  --Sun
>    boxenju@eecs.umich.edu

I also own a Zoji.  I really enjoy it, but have found that the crust
is a little too hard.  I think mine is one of the simpler models (no
jam setting),but I enjoy the durability of the machine.  I have also
found that when I make white breads (sourdough, oatmeal, etc.) the
crust is tougher than with fancier breads (cheese and onion).

Flora :)