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How to make good Sourdough?

Dona Miller <DonaMiller@mailnet.comshare.com>
Tue, 23 Aug 94 09:41:00 EDT
How can I get a good sourdough flavor?
I have tried to make my own starter, using recipes
calling for yeast, flour, water and time to age.

The result was very disappointing.  There was a
noticeable flavor, but not that yummy sourdough
flavor.  Does anyone have a recommendation
for a great starter?

Also does anyone have a suggestion for getting
a good crusty loaf that's soft inside?  Does this
require a clay oven?  I have a clay pizza tile.  Is
that good enough?

I have a bread machine, but I just don't like the
shape or the texture of the bread it produces.
Baked in my oven the dough makes a better

Dona Miller