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Help! Zojiroshi Breadmaker.

Sun Park <boxenju@eecs.umich.edu>
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 14:40:48 -0400
 If you own a Zojiroshi breadmaker or had a chance to 
 taste one from it, please help me out.
 I'm having my zojiroshi for about three months now, but
 have no luck to bake the bread up to my expectation.
 It almost always turned out too crusty, too coarse...

 I have friends who own the National/Panasonic ones,
 and tasted the breads from theirs several times. They always
 have soft texture and tasteful brown crusty (not as hard as mine)

 My question is:
 (1) Is it typical for Zojiroshi to have that hard crusty outside?
     (It's similar to the hard roll or french bread. Please don't
     tell me I need more butter. I tried several different measures
     for sugar, salt, yeast, butter and water.)

 (2) My breadmaker is not the one with the jam option, so I believe
     I have the basic one without not much functions. Is there anyone
     who has this model experiencing similar problems? I once changed
     my breadmaker to the current one because I thought it was
     malfunctioning (suspecting overcooking), but turns out that the new
     one also bakes the bread coarse, and hard.

     If you have the top model from Zojiroshi, please let me know
     how your breadmaker works. In my area, I couldn't find the top
     model with jam option, so I'd like to know how it bakes the bread.

 (3) Did you taste/feel the difference between the breads from National
     and those from Zojiroshi?

 Any comments/experience/opinions would be highly appreciated.
 Thanks a lot.