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mary_white@sunshine.net (Mary White)
Thu, 19 May 94 16:48 PDT
>Date: 10 May 1994 13:00:53 -0500
>From: "Krissy Recktenwald" <Krissy_Recktenwald@star9gate.mitre.org>
>Subject: QUESTION-  delayed bake opt
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>  OFFICE MEMO          QUESTION:  delayed bake option...      Date:5/10/94
>I returned a bread machine because every loaf I attempted on the delayed bake
>option (up to 13 hours) did not rise.  I had tried each recipe on normal bake
>and the loaves rose perfectly, so I suspect that the yeast got damp while it
>was sitting in the bread machine, even though I had layered liquids, solids,
>yeast as directed.  Has anyone had success with delayed bake (if so what
>brand machine), or do I have to buy a machine with a yeast dispenser? 
>thanks, krissy
I have a Hitachi and make delayed bread all the time with no problem. It 
doesn't have a yeast dispenser. Mine has a screen in the lid so some air can 
get in. If no air could enter, the yeast would probably get damp alright, 
but I haven't really seen any other machines but mine so I don't know if 
this is standard!

Somebody said something about cleaning. What cleaning? You just leave it for 
a while and all the dough residue dries up, then you can easily shake it out 
or, if it's tenacious, scrape it out with your fingers. Although I guess if 
you made a sweet bread with gucky stuff in it you might actually have to 
wash it. But for normal bread it's not necessary.

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