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Love me, love my bread machine! :-)

fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu (Katherine Fritz)
Mon, 2 May 94 15:51:27 EDT
I've been letting this sit so I could think it over a time or two, 
before responding --

> Date: Fri, 15 Apr 94 09:20:31 EDT
> From: Robert P. Sarao <sarao@bakrmn.enet.dec.com>


> 	First of all let me go on record as saying that you don't 
>need those fancy gizmos and gadgets to make good bread. All 
>you "knead" is time, patience, a little experimentation and 
>love. Granted you can throw all of your ingredients together 
>the night before and have fresh bread in the morning. But honestly
> how many of you actually do that. Probably not many.

The reason I use a bread machine is because I DON'T have the time and
patience to do it by hand.  I would never try to convince anyone my 
bread is better than handmade, but it's pretty darn good, and better 
than storebought -- it's fresher and tastier, has better texture, 
and has no preservatives.  And, yes, I DO use my machine to have 
fresh bread ready in the morning. 


> What you're trying to achieve is a well baked wholesome bread. When 
>you > use an R2D2 or CP3O machine, what your getting is in my 
>opinion, a loaf of american bread (Wonder Bread comes to mind). 
>Granted you may get different flavors but the texture is usually 
>quite soft.
> 	Lastly, give old time baking a try. Experiment and have fun. Go for
> hearth baked (with out a loaf pan), right on a cookie sheet even make
> dinner or sandwich rolls.. Let's see a machine do that.

Sorry, but I disagree.  I HATE Wonder Bread-type bread texture, and my
bread machine does NOT produce bread with that texture.  Don't be a 
bread snob! :-) Those of us who use and enjoy bread machines are not 
trying to convince anyone to stop baking bread the old-fashioned way 
-- why should we give up our machines on someone else's say-so? 

Nobody ever said a bread machine would make rolls *in the machine.* 
That's what the dough/manual cycle is for.  You just take the dough 
out and reshape it for rolls, pizza dough or whatever.

Lastly, this is not a flame, so please don't take it that way:  
Didn't anybody ever tell you that this list was originally started 
for bread-machine users?  Yes, it's true!

So, go ahead and tell us all about what great bread you make, 
tips for making it, recipes, etc., but DON'T tell me to give 
up my machine or that I'm a lesser being because I use one! 

<stepping off soapbox>