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crumb texture/holes

kvm@med.unc.edu (Kathleen Veness-Meehan)
Mon, 9 May 94 12:21:14 EDT
I've been trying to get a french/sour dough bread with big holes 
inside. I use a sour dough sponge and extra yeast, commercial 
(Gold Medal) bread flour or plain flour, +/- olive oil, +/-milk. 
Have tried everything. My bread rises fine but after the second 
rising, deflates if you look at it. I can't seem to find a way 
to let it rise and then get into the oven ( I bake on unglazed 
quarry tiles) still retaining big air bubbles. I knead in enough 
flour to make a firm dough at first, but after the first rising it 
is real soft. Help!