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Pizza dough

Robert Reichel <robertre@microsoft.com>
Mon, 18 Apr 94 15:34:21 TZ
When I was in high school, I worked in a pizzaria in New York, and I'm 
trying to duplicate the dough that we made there.  I remember the 
technique for preparing the dough, but I can't seem to get the very 
light, fluffy, infinitely stretchable dough that we had there.  I can 
stretch mine to 16" without any problem, but it's heavier, and stiffer 
than I remember.

So are there special pizza flours?  What kind of flour would the 
average pizzaria use, anyway?  We made the dough in big batches in a 
big Hobart machine, but I don't think lack of kneading is the problem 
(I use a KitchenAid).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.