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Gluten has won me over/ Jell-O in bread?

Mon, 18 Apr 1994 13:37:49 PDT
>Gluten is available in many grocery stores and health food stores for
>$2.50/Lb. (Arrowhead Mills)

I bought some of this over the weekend and decided to try it in my never 
fail wheat roll recipe. Using the same recipe, but adding 2 teaspoons of 
gluten, my rolls were even better than normal. Better texture. I will 
definitely add the gluten to wheat bread dough from now on.

On another list a few months ago there was a debate about Red Star vs.
Fleischman's yeast and King Arthur vs. bread machine flour. Since RS and 
KA were highly recommended, I switched from other brands. Yuck! I have 
never had results as bad as with the 'preferred products.' I have 
switched back to my old standbys. Perhaps my climate/ bread machine 
(R2D2) just works better with the other brands. Interesting how 
people have varied success/ failure with the same products!

Someone mentioned to me that they saw a bread machine recipe for a 
strawberry bread that contained dry Jell-O mix. I cannot imagine such 
a thing and of coure they don't recall where they saw it. Has anyone 
seen/ tasted anything like that?