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Re: Two new products for use in bread machine

Thu, 14 Apr 94 17:32 PDT
> flying toaster). Here is the catalog description: "This is the baker's
> secret! Add this all-natural mix along with yeast, just as commercial
> bakeries do, and the results will delight you. Your bread will rise
> considerably higher, with true bakery flavor, superb texture, fine
> crumb and crustier crust. The 10-oz. package is enough for about 20
> loaves, either machine or handmade." It sells for $8.00. Lora Brody is
> the author of two bread-machine baking books "Bread Machine Baking"
> and "Desserts from your Bread Machine," coincidentally sold on the
> same page.

Sounds like gluten to me.

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