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Re: Stuff in Whole Wheat Bread

edler@jan.ultra.nyu.edu (Jan Edler)
Fri, 15 Apr 1994 09:44:52 -0400
> When you get whole wheat bread in the store, it's often filled with
> yummy, chunky "things" that let you know it's not just flour in there.

My favorites are seeds, especially: unhulled flax, unhulled sesame, raw
sunflower.  Also, alfalfa, quinoa, millet, teff, ... (lots of choices).

Don't forget rolled oats.  You can also get flakes of various other
grains: oats, wheat, barley, kamut, ...

Good health food stores sell these things.

Some things won't work without extra effort: pearled barley, wheat
grains, etc.; these require pre-cooking, or they'll be tooth-breakers.

Jan Edler