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"Old Fashioned" Bread Makers

pagulayan%harlow.dnet@sb.com (ABRAHAM C&IS APPLICATION DEV. LIMS TEAM)
Tue, 15 Mar 94 04:45:16 -0500

Just to raise my hand up on the suggestion of Salli Schwartz that there
is another one here who does bread making by hand.  Your experience in
bread making would be appreciated by the group "old fashioned" or not.

However I did not realise this is only for those using machines though there
are a lot who use them. I have had replies to my queries and offered 
suggestions. The recipes are not so different and I always use them as they
are.  Perhaps some recipes are easier to do with bread machines.

Aside from recipes and questions, maybe the group should share some stories on
our bread making experiences e.g. the first time one baked bread, success and
failures, funny stories, frustration etc...  I am sure we can learn from 
them too.

The Pinnacles
Essex, United Kingdom