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Saving Leftovers

Bill Wilhelmi <bw@hpcvxmk0.cv.hp.com>
Mon, 7 Mar 94 14:59:35 PST
I really love Grand Central's Sour White rustic sourdough bread.  You can get
it in Portland and Seattle.  This is my model bread for my own baking.

I have had a problem with keeping rustic sourdough breads fresh after 
slicing/ripping off pieces.  If I just keep the bread in the paper sack, 
the exposed inner bread gets stale, but the crust remains crunchy & chewy.  
If I put the whole thing in a plastic bread bag, the whole loaf stays fresh, 
but the crust turns to taffy.  

I have found the following solution to work well.  As a compromise, I  
now cover the exposed part of the bread with plastic wrap, leaving the crust 
unwrapped, and then putting the whole thing in a paper bag.  My inner bread
remains fresh and the crust remains crunchy & chewy.  I can make a loaf last
two or three days this way.

I hope this helps.

Bill Wilhelmi
Technical Marketing
Workstation Technology Division
Hewlett-Packard Company