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My bread has a hole in the bottom!

Thu, 13 Jan 94 09:50:52 CST
Hi bread bakers,

I'm new to this list--I just received a Maxim (made by Salton) model
BB-1 Accu-Bakery for Christmas, and I love it. It makes great bread
(the small loaf only). Following the instructions included with the
machine, I remove the bread case from the machine as soon as baking is
finished. Then I turn the case upside down and "turn the kneading blade
mounting shaft one full rotation and shake bread case several times to
release loaf." The bread comes out easily, BUT there is _always_ a hole
in the bottom of the loaf caused by the kneading blade. The first few
times I thought maybe it was because the machine was new, but now...

Has anyone else had this problem? My husband wondered if rubbing some
cooking oil on the kneading blade before adding the ingredients would
help. The bread tastes fine, but would look better without a hole ripped
into the bottom. (This also causes the blade to be covered with bread and
to stick in the case.)

Thanks for your help!

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