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Re: BREAD Digest V4 #44

Mon, 20 Dec 93 9:04:14 EST
> From: Julia Rodriguez <juliar@hpclbis.cup.hp.com>
> Subject: High Altitude Baking
> We just purchased the Trillium Breadman as a present.  Is anyone out there baking
> bread at high altitude?  The first run of this breadmaker will be at
> 7000 ft.  Are there modifications we should make to the recipes?

We used to live at high altitude in Colorado and many recipes required
some experimenting.  We consistently added an extra tablespoon of
liquid to all bread recipes, otherwise they came out too dry.  We
sometimes had problems with the middle of the bread being gooey, and
the fix for this is to add 2 tablespoons of wheat gluten (which we
got mail-order from DAK).  The other problem was with sweet-type
breads getting cooked too dark, even on the lightest setting, and we
never did find a way to fix this problem.

Now that we are at sea-level, we don't have any of these problems.

Hope this helps!
Jane Marcus