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popcorn@cyberspace.org (Valerie Mates)
Wed, 15 Dec 93 12:54 EST
> Date: 04 Dec 93 19:22:34 EST
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> Subject: BREAD Digest V4 #42
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> J.A. Wheeler.....
> re: Spaghetti Bread and liquid/dry order... I was always taught you should put 
> the dry in first so that it does not ball up in the liquid because of surface 
> tension.  Try dropping some flour into a cup of water, and see how the flour 
> sits on top of the water...  then put some water into some flour and see how 
> the water is dispursed into the flour!
>   ** Lynn *:-)
Actually, whether to put in wet or dry ingredients first seems to depend on
the brand of your breadmaker.  I've got a Welbilt (same as a DAK) and the
instructions say to always put the dry ingredients in first.  Most other
machines seem to want the wet ingredients first.

More specifically, the Welbilt instructions say to put in the yeast first,
then the rest of the dry ingredients, then the liquid ingredients.  I think
this is in case you are using the timer cycle, to keep the yeast dry until
the machine is ready to start mixing and kneading.