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Re: BREAD Digest V4 #43

Mon, 13 Dec 93 9:16:52 EST
> From: Mark Engelberg <mle@gothamcity.jsc.nasa.gov>
> I have heard that the DAK bread machine is similar to other machines
> such as the Hitachi.  I would greatly appreciate any pointers to
> customer service/ordering departments of similarly constructed bread
> machines so that I can buy a kneading blade compatible with the Turbo
> Baker from another company.

The DAK is most similar to Welbilt, so I'd try this avenue first.
If you don't hear from someone on the net, you might go to some
store that carries Welbilt and take a look at the literature that
comes with the product.

I used to be a DAK owner, but it died when we moved last year.  My
husband just bought me a Panasonic machine, and I'm wondering if
any other Panasonic users have had good luck using recipes from
the DAK cookbook?

Jane Marcus