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English Muffins!

Lee/Lynn Lightfoot <72730.1006@CompuServe.COM>
23 Jul 93 17:02:31 EDT
Gregory was looking for an English Muffin recipe???

I don't have this sized down for my machine... but here is the recipe from my 
book of 'regular' bread recipies...  as for sour dough muffins... I would 
assume you would need to add your proper starter to the recipe.

AGAIN... THIS IS NOT SIZED FOR BREAD MACHINES!  I have put it here to help 
you compare recipies!!!

5 to 5.5 c bread or all-purpose flour, approximately
2 packages dry yeast
2 Tbls sugar
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup nonfat dry milk
1.25 c hot water (120 deg - 130 deg)
3 Tbls butter, room temp.

Griddle or baking sheet = 1 heavy metal, electric, or soapsonte griddle, or 
heavy skillet, or baking sheet

1) In a large mixing or mixer bowl measure 3 cups flour, and the dry 
ingredients.  Stir to blend together.  Add the butter to the hot water and 
pour into the dry ingredients.  Beat for 2 minutes with the mixer flat beater, 
or 150 strokes with a wooden spoon.  Add the egg.  Stir in the remaining 
flour, 1/4 c at a time, until the dough is a rough, shaggy mass.  If using a 
mixer, change to the dough hook.

2) Turn the dough onto a floured work surface and knead with a strong 
push-turn-fold motion until the dough is smooth, elastic, and feels alive 
under your hands.  Inthe mixer, the dough will clean the sides of the bowl and 
form a ball around the hook and move with it.  If the dough sould continue to 
be sticky, add liberal sprinkles of flour.  Knead for 10 minutes.

3) Pat the ball fo dough with lightly greased fingertips and place in a bowl.  
Cover with plastic wrap and set aside at room temperature to double in size, 
about 1 hour.

4)  Punch down the dough, knead for 30 seconds, and set aside to rest for 1 
minutes.  Sprinkle the work surface with cornmeal and turn the dough onto it.  
Roll out the dough until it is 1/4" thick.  If it resists the rolling pin and 
pulls back, let it rest for 1 or 2 minutes.  Cut into 3" round (4" for eggs 
Benedict) with a cookie cutter.

5)  Sprinkle the work surface with cornmeal and put the rounds under a towel.  
Let  rise until they are doubled in size to about 1/2" thick, 45 minutes.

6)  Heat the electric griddle to 325 deg. or preheat teh oven to 450 deg 20 
minutes before baking.

7)  Bake the muffins for 2 min on each side.  Do not cook fast, so avoid the 
hot center of the griddle; place the muffins around the sides of the griddle.  
Reduce heat and bake for 6 additional minutes on each side or a total of about 
16 minutes.  Don't scorch.

8)  If using th oven, place the cut muffins on teh baking sheet and bake for 
15 min, turning them over after 6 or 7 minutes.  They will rise and swell to 
look rather like puffballs. (if using a convection oven, reduce heat 50 deg.)

9)  Remove the muffins fromt eh griddle ro baking sheet.  Cool on a metal rack 
before toasting.  Pull apart with the tines of a fork, or the fingers, to 

These freeze well and keep for months inthe deep freeze at 0 deg.

  ** Lynn *;-)