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COMB has $80 Welbilt

William Martin <check@STL-06SIMA.ARMY.MIL>
Fri, 23 Jul 93 7:35:13 CDT
I just got a catalog from the discounters/liquidators C.O.M.B. which has
the rectangular-shaped Welbilt "The Bread Oven" for $79.99 and free
shipping. That strikes me as being a lower price than I've seen before,
but I may just be misremembering, of course... It's a "refurbished"
item, "like-new" with a 60-day warranty. I guess one might consider this
a way to avoid infant mortality in unused appliances... :-)

Stock # C709-1045. 800-328-0609. It's on the back cover of the catalog
labelled "Aug./Sept. 1993" with a purple cover. The free shipping offer
terminates Sept. 15 93.

The catalog blurb does NOT specify the weight of bread loaf baked or
the exact Welbilt model number.