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English muffins and bagels

ace@tidbits.com (Adam C. Engst)
Tue, 20 Jul 93 21:33:28 PDT
How'd you do the bagels? I've done pizza and calzone dough, but haven't
been able to find a good bagel recipe. I've played with english muffins,
but the closest I came (I let it be a bread) involved using about
a tablespoon of vinegar to a white bread. Kind of worked.

cheers ... -Adam

In Regards to your letter <0096FCC0.F16755C0.25215@cykick.infores.com>:
> Does anyone have a bread machine recipe for English muffins?  I have made
> calzones and bagels in the machine (manual mode) so far, and I would like
> to try muffins.