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roca@sequoia.sequoia.com (Michael C. Roca)
Wed, 14 Jul 1993 08:07:22 -0400 (EDT)
Jeff Marsh <jmm@s1.gov> wrote:

>I susbscribed to this group several weeks ago and there has been no activity.
>So, in reality, this is a test, and a question as to whether people would like
>to start using this group to exchange recipes, experiences with bread machines,
>flours, etc.

I am interested in sharing recipes. I have recently purchased a book
called _BreadMaker_Recipes_II_ by Donna (I can't remember her last name,
but "Baker" would be appropriate.)

I would be willing to share a couple of the recipes from that book
after I try them, just so others can decide if they want to purchase
the book themselves.

I would also be willing to share a couple of the recipes that my wife
and I use regularly. One is the Pizza Bread recipe from DAK. Our family
loves this kind of bread. Also, I like the conventional loaves, so most
often, when time allows, I will mix the dough in the Welbilt and then do
the rising and baking conventionally. I can share my own "white bread" and
"corn and molasses bread" recipes, if anyone is interested.

Happy Baking,

Michael C. Roca <roca@sequoia.com>