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Re: Stronger Motor For An R2D2?

richard@pegasus.com (Richard Foulk)
Sun, 4 Jul 93 14:17:43 HST
>I`ve got a six month old Welbuilt R2D2 machine.  I bought the machine because I
>wanted to make whole grain bread, and I`ve been disapointed that the motor
>isn`t strong enough to kneed heavy doughs (my mistake).  I started thinking the
>other day that it might be possible to put a stronger motor in my machine.  Has
>anyone investigated this?  It seems logical that the motor from the (insert
>model number here) DAK machine that`s intended for whole grain bread ought to
>fit into my machine.

Nah.  I've had a DAK machine for a few years now and never felt that the
motor was too weak.  (It's possible that older machines have stronger
motors, but I doubt it.)

Assuming your recipe doesn't have rocks in it, I'm pretty sure I can
adjust it to work with my machine with little trouble.

Generally you just add more water.

It's my impression that the machines that are meant to handle whole
wheat, etc., better, differ mostly in their ability to extend rise times
and such.

Richard Foulk		richard@pegasus.com