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Re: Bread machine commits suicide!

Jim Carey <JCAREY@cykick.infores.com>
Thu, 01 Jul 1993 10:25:03 EDT
Ours tried to commit suicide, but only succeeded at killing our glass
measuring cup. It happened to have been used, and had a large dent in
the side when we got it (I assume it did this before).  Now when we
use it, we leave it sitting on our gas stove with one of the burner
covers (the thing the pots sit on) removed. The front cover holds the
machine in place.

By the way, if the stove is turned on, it generates an overheat error
code and locks up. The code isn't documented anywhere, so if you ever
see an unexplained error code, check the ambient temp.


Jim Carey
jcarey@cykick.infores.com or jim.carey@infores.com
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