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Bread machine commits suicide!

Is engineering fun yet? 22-Jun-1993 0758
Tue, 22 Jun 93 08:04:01 EDT
	A friend of mine has the same R2D2 bread machine model that I have.
He set it up to make bread this past weekend. As always, it was gyrating
wildly on the counter top like a rodeo bull. He noticed that it seemed to
be getting suspiciously close to the edge of the counter top when, suddenly,
it leaped over the edge and hurtled towards its death on the kitchen floor
	He ran to the side of his bread machine, but it was too late. CPR
could not revive it. It left no note, no explanation for this bizarre act
of self-inflicted violence. It had always been a quiet, hard-working bread
machine and seemed quite happy...up to the end...
	The wake was closed-casket. Funeral will be for immediate family
only. The bread machine leaves its owner, his wife, their child, and their