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helping "tired" DAK motor

kenr@storage.tandem.com (Ken Rose)
Mon, 14 Jun 93 10:11:04 PDT
I've had the DAK "R2D2" bread-maker about 2 years, and after about 
one and a half years the motor seemed to lose power.  It would stall
while making the heavier doughs.  I was talking this over with some
other engineers at work, and one suggested that the motor needed
cleaning, since dust and flour might be weaking the contact between
brushes and so on.

Well, I figured I'd give it a shot and flipped the unit upside down
to unscrew the base.  A little junk came floating out, I could hear the
sounds of crumbs moving around, and I removed the rubber feet hoping to
find screws underneath them.  There aren't screws underneath them, so
I put them back in and decided to try the job on a weekend when I had
more time.

In the interim I made another loaf of bread, and I'll be darned if merely
inverting (and shaking a bit) the unit didn`t help the motor!  I`ve used
it twice since to make sure it wasn`t a fluke, and on recipes that used
to stall the motor it keeps on going.

So if you have a DAK unit, and the motor seems to stall, try turning it
upside down and shaking it a bit before you decide its ready for the
big bakery in the sky.

-- Ken