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Sour Powder

Bill Wilhelmi <bw@hpcvxjme.cv.hp.com>
Mon, 7 Jun 93 9:08:16 PDT
From: "Steven A. Hocevar" <STEVE@stimpy.hsc.ucalgary.ca>
Subject: Why don't 'they' do it?

>This sounds wonderful.  Can a person buy "sour powder"?  If not, how come?  Is
>it not commercially viable?

Recently I bought some starter from the local grocery-store bakery.  It
turned out not to be starter at all, but some kind of sour powder.  I then
noticed some packages of commercially produced sourdough bread contain
ingredients such as lactic acid, etc.   Probably going to Safeway bakery
or something like that, you can discover the powder.  I haven't used it,
but I still have it--it might make a good film developer.

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