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Sourdough Blues

Mon, 7 Jun 93 10:53:22 CDT

I've been reading, with interest, the messages
about sourdough recipes and storage of dehydrated
starter.  My problem is I tried to make a starter
from scratch using 1 cup unbleached white flour,
1 cup water and 1.5 tsp of active dry yeast. I let
it sit on my counter for about 5 days to turn all
yucky (it didn't get that bad actually) i kept pouring
off the clear water-like liquid on top, then I used
1 cup of the moist stuff in a sour-dough recipe -
I admit it was somewhat cold coming from my fridge
by this point.  I used very warm water - the loaf rose
just fine but there was *no* real sour dough taste
- just a yeasty-dry one.

Does anyone have any ideas, or perhaps a better
sourdough recipe? 

Thanks a ton, I have an Welbuilt ABM-100

Mike Longo