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DAK repairs

Mon, 5 Apr 93 9:12:25 EDT
Hi folks,

Our DAK bread machine has not worked since we moved cross country, and
the people paid to move us are finally getting around to making
amends.  The movers propose that they pay for an estimate to fix the
machine, and if the problem with the machine appears to be move
related, they will also pay the repair.  But if the problem is a
run of the mill problem that can't be directly seen as related to our
move, then we would have to pay the repairs.  So, my question is:  (in
the case that we have to pay for repairs) has anybody had good luck
getting a DAK machine repaired?  Or is this probably a losing
proposition?  Before we moved, we generally had few complaints with
the machine, which we had owned for 3 years.  The only problem it
seemed to have was the the crust of a sweet-type bread would come out
too dark.

Thanks in advance,
Jane Marcus