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Cajun Sourdough French Bread!

5 Apr 1993 8:51 EDT
Just thought I'd mention to the bread group that I
made a fantastic bread recipe yesterday in my machine!
It wasn't a machine-specific recipe but I set it
on French Bread, manual cycle and shaped the loaf for
my French bread pan.

The recipe was from the King Arthur Company's 1991
Winterbake contest (3rd prize, sourdough category)
and was for Cajun Sourdough French Bread.  Let me tell
you, with the addition of the Cajun spices (onion
powder, garlic powder, Hungarian sweet paprika (!),
whole/crushed black peppercorns, cayenne pepper, etc.)
it was HOT!  The spices overwhelmed the bread so that
the sourdough couldn't be tasted, but I liked it!  I
halved the recipe but kept the yeast the same.  My
only negative comment was that it was a bit too dry,
and I think the next time I make it, I'll add about a
Tablespoon of oil to it.  (The color of the loaf was
a light rust color and the smell was pure Cajun!)

For anyone interested in buying a really good booklet
of prize-winning recipes, contact the King Arthur
Company.  They are still selling the 1991 Winterbake
book and now have a 1993 one as well.

Arlene Osborne