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Re: BREAD Digest V4 #10

fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu (Katherine Fritz)
Fri, 19 Mar 93 21:40:56 EST
> From: Warren.Clark@East.Sun.COM (Warren Clark - Online Publishing)

> If anyone has an extra paddle or pan or pin, please let me know.
> I would especially like to hear from you if you live in the

If you don't have any luck with DAK or someone on the mailing list, you
might try calling Welbilt.  The number I have for them is below.

> From: kat@genisco.gtc.com (Kathryn Fielding)

> > I joined the Red Star/Welbilt Bread club, or whatever they call it, and
> > got 60-some recipes from them in a nice recipe box.
> What is this, and how do you join?

The Welbilt/Red Star Recipe Club is something I found out about
on a flyer that came packed with my Welbilt ABM-100 (R2D2 model)
bread machine when I bought it two years ago.

Here's the info on the recipe club:

[[ As previously noted -- this offer has not been available since
  1995 -- Reggie, 1996 ]]

Naturally I didn't get around to joining until late last fall --
so I got the whole shebang at one shot.  Then before Christmas,
they sent me a fold-up card with bread-making tips, that fit in
my club recipe box, plus some recipes to try for the holidays.  I
assume you can still join; there's no expiration date on the

I have included one of the recipes they sent me at Christmas
time.  There were five of them, but my wrists are getting tired
from all this typing.  'fraid you'll have to wait for future
installments for the rest.

The recipes come from the Bread Machine Magic book (by Linda
Rehberg & Lois Conway, St. Martin's Press, 1992), and were used
in an article that Universal Foods Corporation (the makers of Red
Star Yeast) sent to newspaper food editors across the country.
As the cover letter explains, "The recipes are so outstanding we
wanted to be sure that you have your own copy of them."

It's interesting that the recipes specify using Red Star yeast.
I have Bread Machine Magic and Rehberg & Conway make a point of
saying that they preferred Red Star yeast to others.  I suppose
that's why Universal Foods picked up on the recipes and mailed
them to newspaper food editors.


1-1/2 Lb. Loaf           1 Lb. Loaf
------------------  ----------------
1/4 cup             3 Tbsp.                  buttermilk
(Welbilt/DAK        (Welbilt/DAK machine
  add 2 Tbsp more)    add 1 Tbsp more)
1/4 cup             2 Tbsp.                  reserved pineapple juice
3 Tbsp.             2 Tbsp.                  butter or margarine
1 (about 1/4 cup)   1 (about 1/4 cup)        egg
1/2 cup             1/3 cup                  canned pineapple chunks,
                                             cut up and well drained
                                             (reserve juice as above)
1/2 cup             1/3 cup                  sliced banana
3 cups              2 cups                   bread flour
1/4 cup             3 Tbsp.                  whole wheat flour
1/2 cup             1/3 cup                  shredded coconut
1-1/2 Tbsp.         1 Tbsp.                  sugar
1 tsp.              1 tsp.                   salt
1/4 tsp.            1/4 tsp.                 baking soda
1/3 cup             1/4 cup                  chopped macadamia nuts
1-1/2 tsp.          1-1/2 tsp.               Red Star Active Dry Yeast
  machines use
  3 tsp.)
  machines use
  2 tsp.)

Place all ingredients in bread pan, select "Light Crust" setting, and
press START.  After the baking cycle ends, remove bread from pan,
place on cake rack and allow to cool 1 hour before slicing.

Katie Fritz
Internet: fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu  CIS: 71257,3153