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Slicing bread

celia@plato.ds.boeing.com (Celia H Modell)
Mon, 1 Feb 93 11:31:18 PST
Mike Longo writes:
>Has anyone found a good way to slice up a loaf of bread made from a
>Welbuilt/DAK 1.5lb breadmaker?
>I love my breadmaker, but usually have a difficult time slicing the bread with
>any uniform consistency.  This would be nice for sandwiches especially.

What works for us is a breadknife that we bought at a rennissance
faire in Colorado. It is a knife blade held in a wooden handle with
one slice of bread's width between the blade and the handle. It
works great for slicing any bread, including the round loafs that my
DAK machine puts out.

I've seen these sort of knives at other faire's and craft shops.

I also bought the sandwich maker to go with the DAK bread machines
and it seems to work fine although we haven't used it that much yet
as it's pretty new.