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bmartin@iit.com (Bryan Martin)
Thu, 28 Jan 93 09:35:59 PST
In response to Mike Longo's question about loaf slicing, I have always
found that an electric knife works much better than any normal knife
(even bread knives) for slicing homemade bread.  These electric knives
usually sell for around $12, and are intended to be used for slicing
or carving meat (we used to only get it out around the Holidays, or for
that occasional roast dinner).  But they work great on homemade bread!

You'll find you have a lot more control over the thickness of the slice
you desire, and assuming you keep the knife straight as you cut it, your
slice will be very uniform and "sandwichable".  For the round Welbuilt/
DAK models, it's best to turn the round loaf on its side when cutting--
it's true you end up with round sandwiches, but then that just calls more
attention to the fact that people are enjoying homemade bread.

Hope this helps....     -Bryan