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Re: Loaf Slicing

hyler@ast.saic.com (Buffy Hyler)
Thu, 28 Jan 93 08:41:01 PST
>Has anyone found a good way to slice up a loaf of bread made
>from a Welbuilt/DAK 1.5lb breadmaker?  I love my breadmaker,
>but usually have a difficult time slicing the bread with any
>uniform consistency.  This would be nice for sandwiches especially.

I've had excellent success with my electric knife.  I also have
a bread knife but I get thinner, straighter slices when I use the
electric knife.  Also, do not cut the bread as soon as it is done,
let it cool off completely before cutting (unless it is chocolate
chip bread, in which case it is usually consumed in hunks anyway
and gone before it has a chance to cool! :-)

Buffy Hyler (hyler@ast.saic.com)
SAIC, Campus Point
San Diego, California