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Re: BREAD Digest V4 #4

hinz@picard.med.ge.com (David Hinz (hinz@picard.med.ge.com))
Wed, 27 Jan 93 23:31:59 CST
I've got a DAK machine, and I seem to be having trouble getting the
bread to rise to the desired hight.  When I first got it, I had several
loaves which would hit the dome, such as the egg bread and other light,
fluffy ones.  Now, the same recipes don't rise as far.  I've used the
redstar packets, Fleischmann's packets, and am now using Redstar in a
bottle, and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

The biggest reason I'm interested is that I've been trying to make a nut
bread for a neighbor who gave me a bunch of black walnuts (actually from
my tree, but he did all the work shelling & so on).  I made a loaf using
Dak's recipe that's in the small book which comes with the breadmaker,
but I had a nice pudding pocket in the top, and it didn't even rise to
half the height of the 'can' inside.

Any suggestions?  Is it a winter thing, a yeast thing, a machine problem,
or should I be using the sweet bread or french bread settings?  How does
the 'turbo' setting effect the rising of the bread?

Thank you for any information you can help with.

Dave Hinz  hinz@picard.med.ge.com