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Re: BREAD Digest V4 #2

obrien@netcom.com (No parking EXCEPT FOR BOB)
Tue, 19 Jan 93 10:49:32 PST
> - How long do you let a loaf cool before you wrap it up in plastic?
>   I've read that wrapping it too soon makes it soggy.

I always take a good look at the crust, comparing it to how hard I
want it to be, and leave the loaf in the open on my cutting board
for an amount of time I just guess from experience. Then I put it into
a big rubbermaid container at the "right" time.  This right time also
depends on just what bread it is - for sandwich bread, that I'm going
to slice all at once, I want it fairly soft, but for some, I like a
crisp, hard crust, so those sit out maybe a little longer.
Sometimes, I pop it right into the container, but then once or twice
during the next day or so, I bring it out, wipe the condensation of the
plastic, and put it back.

> - Should the flour be sifted before you put it into the machine?

I never have.

I, too, have a DAK machine that I'm completely satisfied with.  My mom has
the "Turbo" model and is likewise.  Neither of us had needed to get one
serviced.  DAK is probably still in reorganization-bankruptcy, so I
strongly recommend using *only* credit cards to do business with them, but
I also hope people do, because I'd like to see them survive it.

	Bob O'Brien